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Wordpress Development

wordpress Website Development

WordPress Development ensures you about both back end & front end development, including the creation of WordPress themes & plugins which require a combination of programming skills & aesthetics understanding of elements. To have a strong understanding of industry trends & CMS we offer you responsive & adaptive design which are strongly preferred at digital world

  • Navigation menus in themes
  • Editor-style functionality
  • Custom avatar support
  • Standardized post formats for users
  • Add functionality to your theme
  • Featured images with different sizes
  • Attachment display settings
  • Dynamic sidebar

Development Process

Ensuring you about the high performance and availability of new Feature and functionality for your website architecture







Our Strategies

Wordpress themes makes the website nature more enchanting & attractive

Time Bound Delivery

Our team works on completely flexible methods and On-time delivery of products

Custom menu support

Navigation menu, main menu and the secondary menu with all new Feature will make more flexible

Featured image function

It allows you to choose representative images for the post, pages or custom post types

Content width

It is a Feature in themes that allows you to set the maximum width for images, video and other embed content width

Basic pagination

They might have different pagination needs but it's always safe to store with nice default function

Client Satisfaction

We serve as per the customer requirement to meet their satisfaction & provide the services that ameliorate values to user's life